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Announcing Sai's Soon to Come Next Books!

Well, all of you know that In Empires and Embraces is now published, but for my eager AELR: The Age of Enlightenment Series fans AELR will be the next book published.

In Empires and Embraces is available NOW!

Sai’s newest book, In Empires and Embraces, is now available in paperback via the CreateSpace store, and via Smashwords/Amazon in eBook format.  It is FREE for a limited time only on Smashwords! 

Release Date Announcement!

Sai's newest book is In Empires and Embraces, an epic tale of heroism, and betrayal set in the old world Mediterranean. In her latest back Sai Marie Johnson brings readers to the world of Caecelia of House Servili, and her captor King Xenocrates I of Sparta.  When Xenocrates kidnaps Caecelia from her homeland in the Roman peninsula she is thrusted into his world without any consideration to her own thoughts, or desires. Will the fiery Caecelia regain her freedom, or will an unknown truth change everything she has ever known? To find out get your hands on a copy March 23rd 2014! Available in paperback, and eBook editions!