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Why Disabled Students Should NOT Attend Full Sail University

Why Disabled Students Should NOT Attend Full Sail University:
To begin with I had been a great student. I excelled very well and had a string of straight A's for the majority of the program under the Creative Writing for Entertainment Program. By the time I reached the LAST class there was in my program I started to have some issues with a class called Workshop II: Television. The class is ran by an instructor who handles both online and campus students alike. I asked for help because I did not understand formatting, and other things that go into speculation script compositions. I asked my teacher to help me, and he condemned me saying that I did not show an interest in my professional career and that I needed to be more professional about my approach to my writing.
Mind you, I am an Amazon best selling author and I have been writing since way before I ever decided to go to this college. I only wanted to go to college to further my professional career. Meaning I wanted a Bachelor…