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Sai Marie Johnson Author Takeover on Naughty Lit for Chics, Naughtylitchic says!

Sai Marie Johnson Author Takeover on Naughty Lit for Chics, Naughtylitchic says! Totally Kick Ass Sai Marie Johnson, 
author of Simply Crimson is taking over 
this page Sunday Night! It's gonna be 
See you there, baby! 7PMest until
 9PMest (4PMpst until 6PMpst.)
Sai Marie Johnson Author Takeover on Naughty Lit for Chics


Sai Marie Johnson’s risque erotica novella series, The Scarlet Erotique Series, is a sizzling little m/m/f menage a trois BDSM erotica. With the coupon code YF95S on Smashwords you can start the series today, and look for Simply Rouge, Part II June 6th!
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**** SIMPLY ROUGE SNIPPET 18+ ONLY ***** by Sai Marie Johnson part II of The Scarlet Erotique Series Camille could almost hear his voice over as she stepped into the tub, and leant forward to turn on the water. She leant against the tiled wall, and inched her fingers into the stream while waiting for the water to warm. Patiently she continued to think about him. As the thought of him trailing his tongue along her dripping puss pushed into her mind. Anxiously she stood up on her tiptoes, and pulled the shower-head down. She parted her thighs widely, and brought the stream down to spray across the swollen center of her slit. As the water splashed out across her core Camille shuddered, drawing her lip into her mouth and whimpering softly. It was then that she recalled his admission to filming her. With this in mind she slid down to her knees drawing her head back and spraying the water out across her breasts as her free hand slid to inch her middle and index finger down to her cunt. She…


TO ALL BOOK REVIEWERS/BLOGS/PAGES: If anyone is interested in hosting me for an author takeover I am very interested in doing a few more. I wouldn’t mind doing a blog tour either in the next coming weeks. My birthday is June 6th, and I am shooting to release Simply Rouge by that date. I would like to stir some noise for Simply Crimson now, and do a release party for Simply Rouge in June. If anyone is interested in hosting this, or helping me set it up let me, or my PA Jaime Raymond or my promoter Havanna Jolie know. I am also looking for four members to join the Privateering with Sai Marie street team to pimp/promote my work. If you are interested let me know ASAP.

I am currently only slated for one Author Takeover with Fallen For Bookson May 10th at 3PM PST any other dates are up for grabs. Please contact us for more information. Sai Marie Johnson

Simply Crimson! Start the Series Today!


Simply Rouge Excerpt

*******SIMPLY ROUGE EXCERPT 18+************* Andre` chuckled, but it was a sound that sent an icy chill straight down Camille’s spine. The silken binds at her wrists were snug, but the way he had laughed made them seem like metallic cuffs clinging to her hands, “I heard you were alone with Jere again, pet. Is that true?” Behind her the sound of a cracking whip resonated throughout the chamber, and in a flash Camille felt the singing pain radiate against her left ass-check sending a jolt throughout her nervous system. Her mouth fell agape, and shuddering she whimpered in pain, “Yes, Sir, but not in the sense one expects.” Crimson locks fell to curtain her heart-shaped face, and even as she lowered her chin in reverence to him her blue eyes filled with tears. She drew in her lower-lip, and silenced her crying without further instruction. The sound of his tapping heels upon the wooden panels echoed in her ears, and suddenly she felt the cold rigid handle of the whip as it slid between h…

In the Limelight: The Ineffable Dom, Lucian Bane

In the Limelight: The Ineffable Dom, Lucian Bane Okay everyone knows that recently I have completely fallen in love with The DOM Wars Series by Lucian Bane. I am sure a lot of writers, and fans alike have already come across something about Lucian, and this enticing series. He recently released the fourth part, and I was able to get in just a few questions while he is busying crafting away his latest work. Lucian is an amazing writer who openly advocates against violence against women, and teaching people the beauty, and intimacy that is found in BDSM relationships. Next month he is hosting an abuse awareness event, and I felt that because of his passion, convictions, and talent he was a must-have to interview. I would also like to thank Lucian’s lovely personal assistant, Dana Desire, for all her help in making this happen. It is greatly appreciated. ~Sai Marie Round Two SMJ: First tell us a little bit about yourself, and who you are: LB: I am Lucian Bane, Ineffable Dom. SMJ: What are …

Simply Rouge Teaser 2


Simply Rouge Excerpt!

It was the way he walked in that caught her eye. Like the slithering viper with a sensuous sway to his step, and with every inch he crossed the floor eyes sweeping about like the predator he was. Always in stalk, and somehow always one hundred percent ready to pounce in for the kill in a moment's notice. She couldn't help but watch in awe as he crossed toward the center area. All around them the cameras flashed, and women gasped in awe as he continued on. Camille felt her skin begin to tingle as each of her flesh became increasingly more aware of his presence. It was like electricity running freely through the air, and she was the conduit feeling every sensation. Her skin began to riddle in bumps as she finally broke her stare away from him. What was she thinking? He was a mixed martial artist, and he already had a submissive, and a wife. She drew in her lip, and bit into it tightly as she lifted her gaze to watch him one last time before he disappeared into the area. With a c…

Author Takeover Events, or Blog Tour Appearances!


Authors Publish Quotes, a Quotable by Sai Marie Johnson


The Dark Priesthood is now Discounted! Half Off! Until April 30th!

****DISCOUNT FIFTY PERCENT OFF ONLY ON SMASHWORDS**** Lover Undefined, Book 1 of The Dark Priesthood: Confessions of Malevolence (or Sanguine Series for short)
is now priced at half off from now until April 30th. This is the book the lovely Tiffany Apan said reminded her of Anne Rice’s Sleeping beauty Series. By using this coupon code you can get a copy for just 56 cents! So go get one today, if you like dark noir erotica you’re sure to love it! COUPON CODE: CA56H

Sai is Featured in Flash Fiction Magazine!

Just a Little Fib by Sai Marie Johnson featured in Flash Fiction Magazine!
Sai's new short flash fiction piece story, Just a Little Fib, has been featured today in Flash Fiction Magazine!
Click on the link, and check out the tale!

What Readers Are Saying About Sai Marie Johnson

Here is what readers have said about Sai Marie Johnson:For The Selkie Adventures, The Selkie Secret: 5 STARS *****"Sai Marie Johnson is one of those writers who has a very unique way with weaving words together to tell a story." 
5 STARS ***** "This new author is sure to win a favorite among people who enjoy fantasy and romance. Hats off to Sai Marie Johnson. I will be adding her to my list of new favorite authors!"
For The Dark Priesthood - Sanguine Lineage Series, Lover Undefined:4 STARS **** "I would liken it to maybe Anne Rice's sleeping Beauty trilogy."
For The Scarlet Erotique Series, Simply Crimson: 5 STARS ***** "Holy...Wow! If you enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey...let's just say that this is much more kinkier, and you should check it out. It definitely get your body ready for a date night!"
For The Softer Side of Texas: 5 STARS *****"I could not put this book down!"
Reviews on Sai's writing in general:"She is an extraordina…

Author Bullying Pep Talk by Sai Marie Johnson

Like many authors I do have my share of stalkers, and trolls. Thankfully I learnt a long time ago that I cannot please everyone, and that there are some people that just love to obsess over being antagonistic over me, or who desire to know anything they can about me in order to attempt to bring me down.

I've seen many authors quit lately because of these trends, and it really bothers me because bullying is an issue I really hate. I hate seeing that people who are supposed to be living in a more tolerant, acceptable, free-thinking, and equality-based society do not behave like it. I hate knowing that there are people out there who find entertainment at trashing others' works. I hate seeing the trend of down-rating, and trash-reviewing that is desecrating the beauty of the author-to-reader relationship.

This is why I am telling everyone this now. Please use some common sense here, and it will help you out abundantly with the issue of trolls.

We all have haters, and the old saying g…

Tiffany Apan's Blog: Three Book Reviews: Sunken Park, The Dark Priestho...

Tiffany Apan's Blog: Three Book Reviews: Sunken Park, The Dark Priestho...: A couple Sundays ago, I recommended two books from my bookshelf: Sara Brooke's Sunken Park and Sai Marie Johnson's The Selkie Secre...

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Happy Easter from Sai Marie!

From Team Sai -
Sai and her personal assistant, Jaime, would like to wish everyone a very wonderful Easter Holiday Weekend.
<3 Team Sai

Free Easter Gift: Sai's Full Length Debut Novel, and NaNoWriMo Book!!

Sai's length novel, and NaNoWriMo book, The Softer Side of Texas, is now available for free download for Easter. Only on Smashwords with coupon code LF79D 
Get yourself a copy today, and please leave a review. 
*Expires 4/21/16* 
Happy Easter <3 Sai

Simply Crimson Coupon to Expire 4/16! Get your copy now!

Hey guys the special coupon promotion for Simply Crimson expires tomorrow. Share the coupon, tell your friends, tag them in the comments, and make sure everyone gets their chance at a copy. Hurry before it is too late. 
Coupon code is RA58Z 
Available only on Smashwords.

Review on Simply Crimson from Author Brittany Kayla of the Midnight Cove Series

Sai has done it yet again! This story draws you in from the very first page, and you can’t stop reading until the end. Once you reach the end, you’re left wanting more. I can’t wait until the next part is ready for release! If you enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey…let’s just say that this is much more kinkier, and you should check it out. It definitely gets your body ready for a date night!  Lol. Thank you, Sai, for your continued writing! It never ceases to amaze me.” Brittany Kayla, author of Exiled From Midnight Cove

Review on Simply Crimson by Author Brittany Kayla

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Necro Bloody Hex - A Poem from the Perspective of Queen Deviaun Sanguine, by Sai Marie Johnson

Necro Bloody Hex. Death to all these vile, putrid insects
they’ll crunch beneath my boot, and I will glady giggle with a sadistic melody
Tone of voice quite malevolent, but I am the beloved of darkness
He and I are one.

The bride of defiling Vengeance, and the Duchess of Deviance and Deception.
You know you want my toxic kiss, but darling I promise you it will be your last bliss.
Vengeance pleases where once heart break diseases, it’s payback time.
An ounce of flesh won’t save your soul because I am out for blood.

Interview with Author Sai Marie Johnson on Interviews with Writers!

Sai Marie's latest interview on Interviews with Writers

Check out this link to read Sai's latest Interview!

Dear People of the World: a Note from Grammar

Dear People of the World, I don’t mean to sound slutty, but please use me whenever you want.