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Forbidden Fantasies PreOrder! Release Date Announced!

 Forbidden Fantasies officially releases on Halloween but you can begin preordering now 
BLURBAraceli Nativa Sheltered and yet looking to expand beyond her small town Alabama raising, Araceli's attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville but so far she hasn’t broadened her horizons in the least. A pretty and successful student, Araceli spends all her days studying, attending class and living a fairly boring existence. That is until her dorm mate peer pressures her to attend the biggest frat and Halloween party on campus and when Araceli finally breaks out of her closed up shell, the consequences might just be devastating.
Abel Slaine For centuries he has scoured the earth searching for her, the demonic queen who stole his beloved before they ever had the chance to thrive. She and all of her dark daughters have been his target for millennia and now there is a new one who will find her death at the end of his hands one or another but putting plan to action may prove more difficult …

The Vault: A Sinfully Sexy Collection featuring 22 Of Your Favorite Smut Authors

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See what awaits you inside The Vault.[/caption] The Vault: A Sinfully Sexy Collection Download Here What happens whenyou lock 22 authors in a vault and don’t let them come out until they’ve finished their books? You get one sinfully sexy collection. Sweet.Devilish.Dangerous.Romantic.Raw.Funny. Dark. Powerful. Unforgettable. ALL NEW BOOKS!!!! A.D. Justice Warning A.M. Hargrove For The Love of My Sexy Geek Aleatha Romig Unconventional C.A. Harms Raw Gina Whitney Stilettos and Broken Bottles Hilary Storm Ridin’ Dirty Katherine Rhodes Innuendo Kate Benson Redemption Kathy Coopmans Parole Katie Ashley The Plan Liv Morris Sweet Seconds M.C. Cerny Declan's Demand M. Stratton In His Arms Michelle Dare Uncuffed MJ Fields Terzetto Nina Levine Risk S. Moose Author Adjusting the Deal S.D. Hildreth Mister Prick T.K. Leigh Inferno Terri E. Laine Honey Tia Louise SundownThe Vault: A Sinfully Sexy Collec…

NaNoWriMo 2017 – Sai Marie Johnson’s Project: Swiped

So - Here's my #NaNoWriMo project, guys:Swiped Author Sai Marie Johnson Genre: Contemporary Romantic ThrillerSYNOPSIS/BLURB Gracielle Watson and her best friend, Elen Martas, are both attending college at the University of Oregon Graci, a sheltered and academic-focused young woman, decides to do something out of character by signing up for a trendy new dating site called, "SINGE." But her ventures into the dating game may prove to have cataclysmic results when an obscure stalker becomes obsessed with the fair collegian. The suspense is on and the cat-and-mouse game between hunter and prey has only just begun... EXCERPT A brisk cool breeze filtered in through the open window, birds had already begun to rouse and chirp as they welcomed the rising dawn but Gracielle Watson could only be heard snoring loudly. It had only been a few hours since Graci had fallen asleep, after having spent the better part of the night pouring of her anatomy books for the exam that was to take p…

#MeToo: Speaking Out Against Sexual Abuse and Harassment

#MeToo At first I really didn't want to discuss the incidences. There have been so many of them in my life that to tell you I've been both sexually assaulted and harassed seems almost a non-point. I've been sexually assaulted more times than I can count but let's keep it to perpetrators. The first time I was sexually assaulted I was five years old. The person who assaulted me was a friend of my uncle's and he coerced me by promising to read me a story. I'll spare you the morbid details of the account or maybe I am actually sparing myself from going back down Nightmare Lane. The second time I was sexually assaulted it was a much older man and my father's boss, I was 9 years old..The third time it was my ex-Stepfather, someone who many people in my "family" still consider to be "family." This is probably one of the reasons why I have issues with my relatives - those who could call someone who raped me repeatedly a family member confuse me …

Cover Reveal for CA Harms' RAW from The VAULT Anthology

#CoverReveal: RAW by Author C.A. Harms is one of the installments in the upcoming #anthology, THE VAULT!Be sure to add the book to your #TBR!EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT AVAILABLE AT HEA PRRAW by bestselling author CA Harms is one of the installments featured in the upcoming anthology, THE VAULT. RAW Overwhelming desire, a powerful need to lose control. Those are the things Alec makes me feel. It’s dangerous, I know, but my body craves the sin. Though I try to fight it, the force is just too strong. I’m torn, left feeling raw and confused. He inflicts such an extreme rush of emotions within me. I’m paralyzed by the pleasure, and desperate for the next dose. I feel so unlike the innocent girl I once was. I love the freedom, but I also fear it.

Finngarick - New Release in the Black Swan D.I.T Series by Victoria Danaan

"Ex Z Team knight, Torn Finngarick, put the bad in bad boy." "Now he’s been transferred to D.I.T. in Dublin to work with paranormal police." "He’s spent his whole life running from inner demons, but a beautiful hunter, assigned as his partner, brings him to a full stop."FINNGARICK BY VICTORIA DANANN BLACK SWAN D.I.T SERIESFrom New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, called “Queen of Alpha Males” by Slashed Reads. When Sir Torrent Finngarick arrives in Dublin, he’s partnered with Sheridan O’Malley, one of a pair of elf twins who put the hot in hawt and the war in warrior.Torn needs to get his mind off the stunning wild redhead because there’s an inter-dimensional stream portal somewhere in the vicinity of Trinity College and Temple Bar.So far as they can tell, the portals have been causing havoc for centuries.Black Swan wants it found and monitored. If anything comes through, the Director wants to know about it.If anything goes through, he want…

Friday the Thirteenth Author Extravaganza: Hosted by Sai Marie

Sai Marie is having a huge online party to celebrate Friday the 13th and has lined up some pretty awesome authors to tag along with her! Check out the genres: Paranormal Romance Erotic Horror Thriller Suspense Horror Sci Fi and Fantasy This Friday we want to host you in sharing some of our favorite scary stories that range from the spooky to the downright delusional! You’ll want to come by and spend some time with the following incredible lineup: Iris Sweetwater  Jas T. Ward Ket A Dellos  Tiffany Apan  Renae Marie Schwemmer Lindy S Hudis Wynne Roman This #FridayTheThirteenth come by and join in on the #author#extravaganza hosted by @LadySai#giveaways#fun#paranormal#horror#romance Friday the 13th Author Extravaganza!

Happy Release Day to CL Scholey - Finding Solace Drops Globally!

⭐🌟🌠🌌⭐🌟🌠🌌⭐🌟🌠🌌⭐🌟🌠🌌⭐🌟 Finding Solace Ancient Origins BK2 by C. L. Scholey and The Wild Rose Press is #LIVE World Wide #NewRelease #The Wild Rose Press @clscholey 🌌⭐🌟🌠🌌⭐🌟🌠🌌⭐🌟🌠🌌⭐🌟🌠🌌⭐🌟 ↘ThFinding Solace ↘ πŸ”†⏩⏩πŸ”…BLURBπŸ”…⏪⏪πŸ”† Solace...a woman with the serenity to heal his tortured soul. Months ago, Solace is yanked from her world to an ancient planet filled with hybrid beasts. She has learned to fight for her life and for the sad race of humans striving to survive. A pack of raptors proves more than she can handle until a fierce tattooed man steps in to save her. He is as dangerous as his name, and yet his touch fills her with passion beyond her world or his. Amidst the grueling chaos of her new life, Solace finds peace in his arms. But peace is rare and fleeting... Menace...a man with no hope and accustomed to danger. Destruction follows in his path until his way i…

Book Signing with Oregon Authors at Lane County Fair

I am going to be appearing at the book signing with #OregonAuthors at The Lane County Fair today, July 23, 2017 from 5-7PM. If you’d like to meet me or get an autographed copy of one of my books, please come by. I will be at the Oregon Author’s Table located within the Atrium Building. If you come early, between 11AM and 2PM and bring three (3) canned food items to donate to FOOD For Lane County you can get free admission to the fair. LeAnn Rimes will also be performing on that day, and she will be there one hour before my book signing begins, so you should come by for lots of fun, great music, laughs, rides and AMAZING food! See ya, ‘At the Fair!’

Competing in the InkItt Competition

InkItt is a new reader based publishing platform that has monthly contests that authors can enter their books in for a chance to win a $6000 publishing deal. I decided to try my hand it by entering my newest story, which has not yet been officially published, Forbidden Fantasies and WOW! I am STUNNED!
InkItt begins by having 100 free downloads at the start of your entry and once they are all gone they take it down to gauge against their algorithms and reader reactions before deciding on who the winner is.
WOW - is all I have to say! There are now ONLY 28 #free ebook downloads left of Forbidden Fantasies, which is a paranormal urban fantasy romance. The book has already had over 200 reads and more than half of the available downloads have been accounted for in the InkItt contest, so hurry and don’t miss out on your chance to get ahold of this book that I am very proud of!

Araceli Nativa
A sheltered life has kept her from experiencing so much but college in Music City brings her awa…

Premiere The Softer Side of Texas Book Trailer by Sai Marie Johnson and Blushing Books Publications

Monday Madness! Heck yeah! Check out this amazing book trailer for The Softer Side of Texas by Author Sai Marie and Blushing Books Publications created by #LuminaryEdits Thank you for the amazing job, Luminary Edits! The Softer Side of Texas Book Trailer

Just the Jottings of Sai: Cover Reveal – The Softer Side of Texas by Sai Mar...

Just the Jottings of Sai: Cover Reveal – The Softer Side of Texas by Sai Mar...: THE SOFTER SIDE OF TEXAS by Sai Marie Johnson GENRE: Contemporary Romantic Suspense RELEASE DATE: April 3, 2017 Publisher: Blushi...

Cover Reveal – The Softer Side of Texas by Sai Marie Johnson and Blushing Books

THE SOFTER SIDE OF TEXAS by Sai Marie Johnson GENRE: Contemporary Romantic Suspense RELEASE DATE: April 3, 2017 Publisher: Blushing Books Publications Blurb: Since her brother’s death, Ivanka Jessup, known to her family and friends as Ivy, has struggled to help her family keep their ranch running. Enduring harassment from a certain customer in the bar she works in, she works late hours, in addition to working on the ranch. Defending herself lands her without a job and she is rescued by stranger, Aaron Kilpatrick, who just happens to be on his way to talk to Ivy’s father about a job. He lands a job as a ranch hand, Ivy finds a new job and things seem to be on the upswing. Just about the time Aaron and Ivy both realize they have feelings for each other, Ivy goes missing. The race is on to find her before it is too late, as foul play is suspected. What Ivy endures at the hands of a madman is horrendous, but the thought of reuniting with Aaron keeps her going. Will she escape in time to find her…