Why Disabled Students Should NOT Attend Full Sail University

Why Disabled Students Should NOT Attend Full Sail University:
To begin with I had been a great student. I excelled very well and had a string of straight A's for the majority of the program under the Creative Writing for Entertainment Program. By the time I reached the LAST class there was in my program I started to have some issues with a class called Workshop II: Television. The class is ran by an instructor who handles both online and campus students alike. I asked for help because I did not understand formatting, and other things that go into speculation script compositions. I asked my teacher to help me, and he condemned me saying that I did not show an interest in my professional career and that I needed to be more professional about my approach to my writing.
Mind you, I am an Amazon best selling author and I have been writing since way before I ever decided to go to this college. I only wanted to go to college to further my professional career. Meaning I wanted a Bachelor's degree so that I had that educational experience under my belt in ADDITION to my talent.
Yes, I am talented. I write awesome and I know it. Maybe my grammar isn't perfect, but let's be realistic...grammar is meant for editors not storytellers.
I am a storyteller. I'm a concept creator, I'm a genius when it comes to creating people and worlds.
Everyone who really knows me knows this. Anyone who has read any of my copyrighted quotes, poems, books, or any of my other writing KNOWS that I have the talent.
I DID not nor do I ever WANT to be a script writer! I loathe everything about screenplays, and scripts. It is NOT where my passion in writing lies. At all and it never will be.
That being said I decided I wanted a degree and began looking up colleges that offered good writing programs. Full Sail had a great reputation and a very high success rate for their graduates. Or at least that was what I was lead to believe.
Now I talked to admissions and financial aid and did my research before I decided to enroll in class. I was really impressed with Full Sail and I was so excited to begin college and my journey to becoming the writer I always wanted to be. I was following my dream.
Now my dream is about to be ripped away by this teacher because he is rude, condescending and apparently according to Full Sail he is the best in the nation at television script writing.
Maybe that is true, but I kind of feel like if that were the case he should be a screenplay writer and not a teacher. I mean if you're the best in the nation shouldn't you be doing that instead of teaching it? Food for thought.
Nevertheless Mr. Dowhen was rude when I first asked for help, and it set up a very bad class experience when I first began the class in May. After asking for help he failed me and he never did give me the help I asked for. He offered me a telephone conference, which I told him at the time I could not do because of my hearing impairment and not having hearing aids. This was why I chose to take the program via an online platform because I am deaf and I have a difficult time hearing in classroom settings. This is documented by my audiologist and Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation as well. It's not something I am lying about. I cannot help that I cannot hear that well. I speak well and you cannot tell I'm deaf because I was not always deaf. I've just recently in the last few years had a terrible loss of eighty percent of my hearing. Again this is not my fault, and it should not be a reason that I am being failed from this class.
So they made me retake the course again, and again Mr. Dowhen failed me when I asked him for help. He has consistently been horrible at responding to my emails, and my requests for help.
Finally the Director of the Program emails me after I take the class for a fourth time to tell me she wants us to have a conference so that we can avoid me failing the class. She told me that she even asked the professor not to grade them so that everyone could look over and we could help me succeed and get past this last class so I could graduate from Full Sail.
So I set up a conference with a spokesperson, and two other program directors so that we could handle this issue. I explained how I had been homeless for one period of time when I had taken the class and how that had caused me to have issues. I told them how my ex-husband had a PTSD snap and how that caused me problems and got me kicked out of where I was living (roommate situation). I explained about how my Macbook had broken and I did not have Final Draft to format the script correctly. They keep penalizing me regardless even though I've asked for help repeatedly. Then the teacher says that he gets too many emails and that I should be aware of the fact that he cannot answer them all.
So how do I being an online student communicate effectively with the instructor if he does not respond to my emails or requests for help?
Also he is the only teacher in the entire university who teaches this subject both on campus and online, but I am penalized because his workload is too much and he cannot get back to me when I ask him for help?
So I contacted the Student Success department, and I asked for a tutor. I asked for any help they could give me to help me pass this course and all they could offer was 24 hour extensions on the amount of time before the deadline was up to turn in my assignments.
My issue isn't getting them in on time it's that I don't understand that formatting, and all the rules that go into drafting up these types of assignments. The reason I don't understand this is because this teacher is not TEACHING me anything.
Also when you look up your grades the grade bar forecast tells you what the rest of the class average was, and for the fourth time in a row I've seen horrific results on average for all students.
So I have to ask everyone reading this to pass it on, and let people know how Full Sail is not trying to help their disabled students, and how they are penalizing their students while covering their faculties' behinds when they cannot handle their workload. If the case is that the teacher cannot get back to me in a timely fashion about my requests for help because he gets too many emails from students doesn't that mean he is NOT doing his job?
This is not a case of me trying to cause issues just to cause them at all. I feel like I am being robbed of my hard work, and beaten while I've been down during some very hard struggles in my life. I've done my best and the teacher and school are trying to force me to retake the course again, for a fifth time, and they charge 1,500 every time you have to retake a class.
So that means I will be indebted how much money, and then if I do not get to pass I am going to be left with tons of student loan debt, no degree, and no hope to ever make my life better or graduate from college because of this?
How is this right? How can the entire class fail so many times and this teacher be called the best in the nation?
So that is why I am not graduating yet. Even though I am only one class away from the degree. Just one class away and they won't do a thing to help me because all they are concerned about is their money, and the way things look to the public. Well the public needs to know this and I've done everything in my power to handle it without having to go public, but I am not going to be pushed out or bullied around about this any longer.


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