Sai Marie Johnson's Author Takeover Outline


I build the body of my takeover in sections and parts. 

INTRO consists of taking assertion over the takeover and my role as an admin by telling the readers who I am, what I enjoy writing in and a witty line or two that lets them see I am approachable - in a digital or personal format you always want to be approachable and personable, relatable. Using an icebreaker to warm the crowd up to your “show” Explaining a bit about your interests in trendy topics - shy away from controversial topics like politics and know your crowd and what is acceptable when approaching topics of this measure but be sure to add something to show that you are more than a brand wanting to reach an audience.

GIVEAWAYS/GAMES Consists of the basic games you see floating around. You can make up your own, name games are often fun and lately gif games are very popular ways to engage the audience. When doing giveaways make sure you add hype to the post to make the audience excited about an opportunity to win, you want them to see the incentive in what you’re offering and not just another marketing ploy to make them read your books.

BOOK INTROS Only after you have offered to give something out or entertained the audience will they be warmed up enough to find interest in your works. Its at this point that you want to begin sharing your book information. Teaser posts in groups work well to save time and an excerpt with added imagery is a must in this theme. If you have a book trailer, this is the timeframe to share it as visual aids and video are very simply ways to attract readers to your work.

CLOSEOUT/OUTRO Add in your sharable here. This is where you will tell the audience where they can connect with you elsewhere, your book link sites, your social networks and any other pertinent information you wish to share. Be sure to thank the host and their readers for allowing you the chance to share with them. Adding a thank you note graphic is a great way to fulfill this gracious duty of showing your gratitude. Remember humility and kindness sell.


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