Alright this goes to all of the people out there who have a problem with freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of self expression:

You do not have the right to demand that any work of literature be removed from the public eye because it offends you or because you are worried that your children may get access to such materials. If you are so worried about your children gaining access to adult material then perhaps you should not allow your minor children free accessibility to the internet, television, or radio. Just because you do not like something, or you find it offensive does not mean you need to censor what other consenting adults, and artists enjoy. It is absolutely ludicrous that in this day, and age authors should have to face the denial of their material being sold on a website because someone else does not like what their book may showcase. That being said I do not approve of incestual stories, or minors being put in stories about sexual acts. This is my personal belief, and I do not purchase stories about the like. I also do not write stories about the like. I do write erotica. My one, and only erotica book currently on the market has a scene of a humanoid creature shifting into a werewolf during a lovemaking session with a Caballi demoness. Perhaps that is too much for some people, and I understand their choice not to purchase my material if such a thing offends them. Allow me to continue here:

This is a form of modern day book burning, and it is absolutely, unmistakably, irrevocably wrong! Who are any of these people to take down artworks that authors put long hours into creating? If you do not appreciate their work, here's a thought: DO NOT BUY IT! How dare you act as if you are the people with the right to determine what other customers have the right to purchase, and spend their time reading? Any book vendor who agrees with those people will suffer a tremendous drop in sales I guarantee it. When it no longer just affects the writer, but the customer base as well you will see a backlash like you could never expect. Banning reading material is an injustice. Instead of removing the books why don't you make age appropriate filtration? Furthermore children cannot even make purchases on your sites since you have to have a credit card, and in order to do so you must be of the age of consent. So I would love to know what the logic in removing these authors books is? Why are they all being targeted, and punished because someone somewhere decided to make a malicious report against self published authors?

If you are going to remove the selfies then you had better remove Anne Rice, EL James, Laurell K Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon and ANY other author who has written adult material!

-Rant End-


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