A NaNoWriMo Experience; In the Limelight: Author Sai Marie Johnson

In October I signed up for NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month
I decided to write something completely different than usual, and came up with a totally new concept for a story called, the Softer Side of Texas, which is now for sale on Amazon in book Kindle and Paperback editions.
NaNoWriMo was so much fun, and I was really ecstatic to take part in it, and meet the 50,000 word target in twelve days. I am hoping that everyone enjoys my NaNo Novel as much as I did writing it, and this is a short self interview for your enjoyment:
What genre is the Softer Side of Texas?
To be honest when I first started writing The Softer Side.. I thought it was going to work out to be a romance novel very Harlequin styled, but as it progressed the book took on its own path, and it ended up being somewhat of a mystery crime thriller with a romantic undertone. I suppose that would make it a Romantic Suspense.
How many words did you write a day to reach the 50k mark?
I stuck between 2,500 and 3,500 for the first three days, but then the characters just seemed to come to life, and I started writing 5,000 to 8,000 words for the remaining days thereafter. I think the most I wrote was 8,000 in a day.
What is the main character’s name, and tell us some about it?
Her name is Ivanka Renee` Jessup. She’s a blonde country girl with an attitude, but with really good moral values, and a high sense of integrity.
Who is the romantic interest?
His name is Aaron Kyle Kilpatrick, and he is a rugged handsome type. Very gentlemanly, but knows how to handle himself in situations where some dominance is needed.
Where do you see the book going?
This was a once only novel, and I do not intend on writing anything else about these two characters, but it is my first full length novel, and for that I am calling it my first masterpiece.
Where can the book be purchased?
As stated above it can be found on Amazon for now, but it will soon be available on many other book sites, and stores. Just keep checking my FB page, and you will know the day it becomes available on the other vendor sites.
Is this your last attempt at NaNo?
Definitely not. I can see myself coming back again next year. I really enjoyed doing this. It gave me the opportunity to see how much I could do if I applied myself. That is invaluable to a writer.


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