A Few Sensuous Poems by Sai Marie Johnson

Blossomed Thorns

So soft is the flower whose petals stroked your cheeks
So tender is the caress of the blossoming bud
whose lips were featherlight.
So sweet is the fragrance that fills the summer night.
So beautiful is the flower that stole your beating heart.
But look there, where the sting of the hand grasping too tight
has now been stung by the cut of a wicked thorn’s delight.
In clutching this beauty you’ve held on too long.
And now the result is the scar you bear
as midsummer’s evening exacts her revenge
The beauty of clutching the blossom
is in tasting her bite, and learning to respect
that nature is deadly in her own right.
So sing of the wisdom you’ve now attained.
The memory remains in your unwhispered song.

Come Away With Me

Come away with me
To a place we can both be free
Where the warmth of the sun
upon your face
is heightened by the scent of sweet lace
Where colors burst, and come to life
And the land is full of milk, and honey
where trivial things remain just that
and there is no need for money
Where children sing, and love reigns
and all around us is joy, and laughter.
Come away with me….
To a place where you will never be lonely.

Twilight Hour

At twilight’s hour a pang awakes me,
and night alerts me to my cause.
Insatiable need it overtakes me,
and it overwhelms without a pause.
The ache in the pit of my abdomen
It burns, and yearns for a taste of
sweet blood.
A scarlet fountain released upon my palate
the color of passion, in a crimson, splashing flood.
And I this nocturnal queen of arousal
Begin the prowling hunt
With a need to capture the bounty
that rests at the curve of your neck.
With a poisonous glint in wolf’s eyes
You’ll be the last kiss
on this vampire’s lips
and yearn for it every day.

Tempting Things

Tempting things,
Broken angel’s wings,
A hundred possibilities
and endless realities.
Heaven’s gates parted
Rejected by such grace.
Immaculate conception,
such a pretty face.
The world is a playground
They’re but rats in a neverending race.
A war rages
History is written in yellowing pages.
Angels fall whilst Devils rise.
Now we face that rising tide.
We see now there’s no place
left for us to hide.
Seduced by such power we lost touch of our own.
Now we’re forced to learn from man alone.


A sweet, and fragrant rose
Supple flesh of the innocent bud
No longer free of mar and scars
Now taught a lesson hard to learn
The best teacher ever can’t do what you’ve done.
Never again will naivete claim me in vain.


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