Author Bullying Pep Talk by Sai Marie Johnson

Like many authors I do have my share of stalkers, and trolls. Thankfully I learnt a long time ago that I cannot please everyone, and that there are some people that just love to obsess over being antagonistic over me, or who desire to know anything they can about me in order to attempt to bring me down.

I've seen many authors quit lately because of these trends, and it really bothers me because bullying is an issue I really hate. I hate seeing that people who are supposed to be living in a more tolerant, acceptable, free-thinking, and equality-based society do not behave like it. I hate knowing that there are people out there who find entertainment at trashing others' works. I hate seeing the trend of down-rating, and trash-reviewing that is desecrating the beauty of the author-to-reader relationship.

This is why I am telling everyone this now. Please use some common sense here, and it will help you out abundantly with the issue of trolls.

We all have haters, and the old saying goes haters do make you famous.

KEY WORDS: make you famous.

-Use this to your advantage, and play the role of an author graciously. Just because they gave you a horrid review, and tore you apart does not mean you should give credence to their words. You should, however, definitely stand firm in your own convictions, confidence, and passions. Anyone talking about you means you are getting noticed. Take a clue from some of the tabloid stars. Yes, it sucks to be trashed, but we all have to rise above it somehow. So try not to look at it in a personal light. This is hard, I know, but with continual writing you will eventually come to terms with your critics. Some authors have them from day one, and never shake them. In fact I believe they all do.

Next try not to read any reviews that are below an acceptable rating range for yourself. Look at the stars first, and then decide whether or not to read it. Of course you do want to take in constructive criticism too, but if you notice a trend in postings that are completely ridiculous why waste your time giving it more attention? Don't feed negativity or it will fester. Just keep writing.

That last sentence is one I think every "aspiring" writer should learn the moment they set out on this path.

Write. Write. Write.

Because writers WRITE. Then when you finally complete a piece of writing go to the next step and

Publish. Publish. Publish.

Because Authors publish. This is a motivational career path, and you have to be your own worst critic, and your best fan at the same time. Pep talk yourself, but don't waste your time on the things that kill your dreams.

Because dreams are the one thing we can shape into reality, and breathe life into. Why allow some serpent to come stifle your air when you've got a forest of trees waiting to be written about? A forest waiting to spring to life, and capture the attention of all people who truly appreciate art.

Remember a story is a gift to the world. Don't let aggressive characters overcome you, and rip that gift away.

Truly the best advice I can give you is that. Just write, and relish every moment of life because the world is your canvas, and there for the taking.

The only real barrier is you. Haters, trolls, naysayers, and critics can't stop you from letting that watergate flood out.

So don't let them.

Be your own hero. We write about them all the time, right? About overcoming struggles, pain, tragedy, and growth in character.

So apply that to your own lives, and see the growth in your own character, writing skills, and confidence.

The alternative is quitting, and well I believe that every great writer has their face to face sit down with the words, "Just Quit."

Well, I told them off and haven't seen them again since. I don't know about all of you, but my mama didn't raise no quitters. 

 Sai Marie 


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