In the Limelight: Author Linda Heavner Gerald

SMJ: First tell us a little bit about yourself, and who you are:

LHG  I am currently retired but have discovered writing which is one of the most fulfilling skills that I have ever experienced.  My husband and I enjoy walking on the beach, gardening, I love to paint, working on my ancestry for the DAR and of course writing.  I have one son and one grandson.

SMJ: What are your ambitions for your writing career?

LHG Helping others either find that they are not beyond the redemptive powers of God and always writing on current health problems with the latest answer.

SMJ: Which writers inspire you?

LHG Nelson DeMille, Nicholas Sparks, Jeffry Archer, F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Grisham.

SMJ: Tell us a little bit about what have you written?

LHG Beaufort Betrayal is my first book.  It is a Mystery/Thriller set in the enchanting, sleepy coastal town of Beaufort, N.C.  If you have ever dreamed of sailing or already have the "bug" you will love it.  I find Beaufort to be one of the most challenging places that I have ever put the sail to the wind.  The betrayal of one of the characters produces the hurt which most people have experienced at least once in their life.  Mental illness is my medical contribution.

Rosemary Beach begins as a Romance but just as in life, the situation changes.  One reviewer stated that you couldn't have more than one genre.  Really?  Tell life that.  This book again includes sailing, betrayal, a murderous villain and redemption.  The medical fact is depression.

Dusty the Island Dog is a true tale about two dogs who once lived in Abaco, Bahamas.  They were real dogs that my husband and I walked the beach with each day.  I told them that I would write a book so this is my tribute to these legends.  Especially helpful to a child who has experienced loss or abuse, Dusty has a healing factor.  Everyone, regardless of age will enjoy learning about real island living.

Will He? is one of my best works but has received the least attention.  Perhaps, it is the cover?  I thought that the cover was brilliant when my publisher suggested it.  The story is of loss and the importance of family.  Laura is sent back to her ancestral home in Frascatti, Italy where she discovers a nasty little secret about some of the men in her past.  Her brother, Lars, seems to fit into the description.  The ending is a white knuckle one.  Misogyny is the medical topic.

 Till Heaven Then Forever is my love story to my husband and God.  The strange thing is that it is told from my husband's point of view.  Set again in Abaco, Bahamas; this is all about island living with much more.  The point is that tremendous wealth does not guarantee happiness.  There is something in each of us that requires the presence of God.  Macular Degeneration is discussed.

SMJ: Who is your favorite character, and why?

LHG My favorite character is Lily in Till Heaven Then Forever.  This is my latest book which is a Romance.  She is really me.  That is my husband and my love story to each other.  It is such a powerful story with a very controversial ending.  I have been chastised for the ending but I write what is in my heart.

SMJ: What is your current project about, and when is the expected release date?

LHG  My current project has just been sent to the publisher.  It is a Thriller.  Wow, I am so proud of it.  I did quite a bit of research on Bali, Indonesia which is one of the settings as well as London which is a place that I really enjoy visiting.  Again, I try to pull upon my own experiences.  You know the drill, the release is now in the hands of my publisher.  Probably about six months.

SMJ: What genre do you usually write in?

LHG Usually I write Mystery/Thrillers but just released a Romance.  I also have one children's book which is for everyone.

SMJ: When did you decide to become a writer?

LHG  I began to write due to a vision which would not leave me.  Beaufort Betrayal was my first book. The vision would not dissipate so I prayed.  The book that resulted still amazes me. 

SMJ: Do you aim for a set amount of words/pages per day?

LHG  In the winter, I am able to write much more and find that I am able to write at least a chapter per day.  Summers are difficult.  I can't spend too much time from my husband; these are our retirement years to spend together.

SMJ: Where do you draw inspiration from?

LHG  God

SMJ: What do you think is the biggest challenge about writing, or that writer’s face?

LHG  The biggest challenge for me is finding the time.  Writing comes so easily for me and I love it.  The problem is not coming up with ideas but finding the time to write them.  I am close to heaven when I write.

SMJ: How do you handle Writer’s Block?
LHG  I have never experienced Writer's Block.

SMJ: Who does your cover art, and teasers?

LHG My publisher does all of that.

SMJ: How do you handle negativitiy? Have you ever had any negative ones? If
so how does that affect your writing?

LHG When I received my first negative review from a newspaper; I was shocked.  Not that I received a bad review but it was so obvious that this person love to brag and make herself look good.  I just smiled and knew that she would not be able to do that for long.

SMJ: Which social network works best for you?

15.  Facebook

SMJ: What is your favorite motivational phrase?

LHG  "Trust God and leave the consequences to him."  Dr. Charles Stanley

SMJ: Must-have supplies for the zombie apocalypse?

LHG  Who knows?

SMJ: Brains or Brawn?

LHG  Brains.

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