Pass the Baton Blog Hop: Erotic Tales of Love, Lust and Learning.

To get started I would like to introduce you to the lovely and amazing Lucee Lovett,
the wonderful erotica writer who asked me to be involved with this blog hop event.

Lucee Lovett is the writer behind the 13 Doors Series. Her first book, The Retreat was released January of 2013, and she just released another book entitled Immortal Heart: the Search for Larissa, which is the premiere book in her Immortals Series.

Lucee hails from the United Kingdom, and is a mother, wife and the owner of a dog she calls Blue.

In her own words:

Hi there! I’m Lucee Lovett, wife and mother by day, romance erotica author and publisher by night. I live in London, with terrific kids, husband and a great dog named Blue.
I’m started publishing my own ebook series in January 2013. I’m as pleased as punch with my achievements. I write across quite a few genres, but my favorite and main works are in erotica and the erotic subgenres.
I love it because it allows me to remove the mask on my own desires and fantasies and share them contextually with others, in the guise as fiction.
 London England UK
Books on Paranormal/Supernatural, Sci Fi and Erotica Romance.  I love reading and writing in these genres.
 I have an appreciation for all kinds of music.
Check out Lucee's work by visiting any of the following links:
What Am I Working On:
Right now I am still working on getting the third and final installment to my series The Scarlet Erotique Series. The final installment is titled Simply Scarlet, and it is proceeded by book 1, Simply Crimson, and book 2 Simply Rouge. We just did the cover reveal for Simply Scarlet at my last author takeover event, and the release date is June 6TH.
How Does my Work Differ from Others in my Genre:
This is an interesting question. A hard one to answer without sounding like a narcissist, but still still an intriguing question. That being said what makes my work any different from any other erotica author is that I wrote it. Sure, its great to pick up an intriguing erotic tale that someone else has written and soak up the pages like a sponge. I love doing that. It was my love of reading erotica that pushed me to decide to write erotica. The difference though is those were not my stories. They were the crafting of another artist's but in order to create my own canvas I needed to begin working on a story that came from my imagination. That is what makes my work different. It is mine, it is a place where I can write out fetishes, fantasies, desires, and also educate others to those things. Sexuality is not a bad thing. It is natural, it is human, it is part of life. It should not be swept under the carpet, and women shouldn't be made to feel dirty for liking to read those things. Men also shouldn't be ostracized for their desires to read provocative stories. So what makes my work different? Its simple: my work is a place where the imagination is allowed free reign.
Why I Write What I Do:
Erotica wasn't my preferred genre at first. I have nine books out already and each of them are very different. Several of them do have sex scenes but not enough to be classified as erotica. People have asked me where my inspiration for The Scarlet Erotique Series came from, and as I've thought about it more and more I have realized that I know what I wanted to read, and what I wanted to see. That came from the emergence of Fifty Shades of Grey. That being said allow me to elaborate, in my opinion, Fifty Shades of Grey is not a horrid book, but it is not the best book I've ever read either. On that note I have to be honest, I gritted my teeth at Anastasia Steele and her character development irritated the heck out of me. Then I had to look at Christian Grey objectively and I decided that I couldn't find a solid dominant anywhere in him. The man was fifty shades of effed up for sure, but the worst part about him to me was that he was a submissive under a Domme before he decided to jump ship and become a dominant. Sadly Mr. Grey left me sorely disappointed, and Anastasia was too naive to really know anything about the BDSM lifestyle. So my excitement to see a mainstream erotica with BDSM elements quickly fizzled out after I finished the third installment. I was left utterly disappointed by the entire thing. Back to The Scarlet Erotique Series, I named this series with a color scheme that I felt suited the true lifestyle: RED. There is nothing grey about BDSM. If there is anything left in a grey area I would be extremely worried about that relationship dynamic for sure. For two, BDSM is not lame or colorless. If anything it is erotic, exotic, passionate and under the right circumstances can be very liberating for a couple to spice up their intimacy. This is what I wanted to show the world. BDSM is not evil. Its not just some twisted sadomasochistic game. Yes, there are levels of people's likes/dislikes but in general the people who practice this lifestyle are pretty normal people. With that being said I also needed to show the world how there are dangerous sides to the lifestyle as well so people would learn the differences between a good dominant and a bad dominant. Why? Because I feel that as an author and a practioner of BDSM that we have a responsibility to educate our fans and others about the safety net requirements needed to participate in this type of relationship. Like tantra and other erotic methods, BDSM is just an extension of people's sexual interests. It is a healthy and good thing to embrace your sexuality, and learn techniques which you find enjoyable. The reason for this is simple since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, there has been an influx of vanilla/curious individuals who want to participate in the lifestyle but have no knowledge about it at all. Many of these people turn to the internet for guidance, a place where both education, and predators mesh I might add.  All of these things are what prompted me to start working on my vanilla submissive and main character from the series, Camille Alessandra de Clervaux. I envisioned a beautiful red head woman who had a degree of sophistication, business background, and wasn't quite as naive as Anastasia Steele. Still I wanted Camille to be different, and I wanted her to seem more real. So I began working very hard on her character arc and development before I ever typed the first word of the manuscript to book one, Simply Crimson. Camille's red hair is also a play on the series title, and the book titles just popped into my head randomly. (#2 Simply Rouge and #3 Simply Scarlet). Then came the story plot. Camille needed a few catalysts to thrust her into the BDSM world because I needed to show my readers why Camille needed change, and why being vanilla and jumping into the lifestyle was not a good idea. So Camille's better half was born, Julien Leonard von Beirutt, who I saw in my head as being a rotten bastard with so many flaws and the inability to see past his own ass. I wanted Julien to be a jerk, with sadistic tendencies, but I didn't want him to be a psychopath. Andre` Gustav DuPointe` was my wild card. I needed him to be charming enough to seduce a vanilla woman with ease, but also have a dark undertone that nobody could peg. I'll leave you hanging on that note so as to not reveal spoilers! Moving on to Jeremiah St. Clair, whose inspiration came from my husband in a lot of ways. There is a lot about him that resembles the type of personality Jeremiah has, and since my husband was the first person to get me to see the beauty in BDSM, it is no surprise that Jeremiah St. Clair is the perfect Savior Dom. While Camille is not based of my real life, she does have similar qualities, and flaws. So the story is inspired by several things. My only hope is that everyone who reads it enjoys it as much as I did writing, and that they all come to love Camille as much as I have. I'll always adore my fiery red head myself.

How Does my Writing Process Work:

Again a very interesting question. I am a student in my senior year of the Creative Writing for Entertainment, Bachelor's of Fine Arts program at Full Sail University. My program is rigorous and has focused on all aspects of the creative writing industry including tv shows, television, video gaming, graphic novels and the publishing and distribution field. Because of this I have had to write a variety of different writing types and the process has been different for each. In regard to my erotic writing the process is usually just me sitting down, putting on some good tunes, and tuning out the world as I venture into my story setting. From there the writing just flows and I let it. I liken my process to the writer's waterfall effect. When it comes, it comes crashing down just like a waterfall, and when it ends it stills to silence just like the river once it has passed the crashing cliffside.

It is now time to pass the baton to three other erotica authors and the first on the list is the amazing Marc Nobbs:

Marc Nobbs is originally from Wolverhampton in Black County, England. He published his first erotic series through an erotic story website entitled Ruthie's Club. His first novel, Charlotte's Secret, was released in 2008 by Phaze and by 2011 Marc launched Parkland Publishing. Because of his education and ambitions Marc moved from an inner-city neighborhood to a posh area where he is literally just a stone-toss away from Princess Diana's gravesite. He now resides in Northamptonshire and when he is not writing he enjoys spending time with his family, and working peacefully in his garden where he grows a multitude of fruits and vegetables.

Next is the sophisticated Author Niquel

In her own words:

Author Niquel is an artistic jack of all trades. She writes, does all of her own graphics, and makes custom handmade crafts for little girls. Born and raised in and around Boston, she’s attended two colleges, Massasoit for graphic design and CDIA at Boston University for 3D animation. She decided to revisit her long lost passion for writing and created The Forbidden Series of books. Book one, A Forbidden Love was released in March 2014 and the 2nd book in the series will be out late spring/early summer.
Niquel currently lives just outside of Boston, with her very supportive significant other and their two precious daughters.

The third and final erotica author I will be sharing with you today is Felicia Fox

Felicia Fox is the creator of the Consumed Series, the first book was entitled Consumed and debuted in December 2013. Since then Felicia has published the second installment entitled Captive, which is her most current release (published May 2014)


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