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Do you like provocative and controversial stories?
Does BDSM intrigue you?
Are tales of seduction, risk, and danger your cup of tea?
What about stories that have been called scorching hot, sizzling, and must-reads?

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Part 1:
Simply Crimson

Camille de Clervaux's life is rather luxurious. Her husband, Julien von Beirutt is a wealthy businessman with stock shares in Lockheed Martin, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and several other big name companies. Cami herself owns a very successful equestrian company, and several well know racing horses. The convenience of their marriage, however, has become so suspicious that Camille begins to wonder if her husband is having extra-marital affairs. The answer is soon provided when she catches him in a very compromising position with another successful, and suave male by the name of Andre` DuPointe. With her husband's sexual appetite revealed Camille is thrust into an exotic world of s/m pleasure she had never before known. Will this new step into a world of sexual depravity corrupt her for good, and could Andre` DuPointe be the added ingredient she needed to spice up her life?

What Readers Have Said about Simply Crimson:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Sai has done it yet again! This story draws you in from the very first page, and you can't stop reading until the end. Once you reach the end, you're left wanting more. I can't wait until the next part is ready for release! If you enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey...let's just say that this is much more kinkier, and you should check it out. It definitely gets your body ready for a date night! ;) Lol. Thank you, Sai, for your continued writing! It never ceases to amaze me.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Left me anticipating what will come next in this unusual marriage of convenience and Julien's extracurricular activities. I'm sure part 2 will be equally fascinating, and am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to read.
4.0 out of 5 stars
She is so lonely and he is so cold. Until the night she meets his master. He introduces her to the BDSM life, but Julian is not so happy. What is next?

5 of 5 stars
I was like a fly caught in a web being devoured by this book. It made me giggle at times and shocked me too.
I just could not put it down. I was totally Captivated.
Camille,She is a educated trophy wife Married to Julien suprise bisexual (well to Camille anyway)
Please welcome Andre Du Point the man that changes every thing a self confessed dark son of a bitch,
who is going to tempt Camille with the forbidden fruit...
This is a 18 + book..
4 of 5 stars
Simply Crimson starts a new series by Sai Marie Johnson called The Scarlet Erotique Series. It tells of the story of trophy wife, Camille de Clervaux who suspects her husband of infidelity and decides to, one night, investigate. What she discovers goes way beyond anything she ever suspected and is suddenly thrust into a new and wonderfully dark world she never dreamed of being in. I will start by saying that I don't think I would recommend this to the squeamish reader or anyone looking for a more sweet romance. The title and cover say it all: it's a really hot read. Though combined with Ms. Johnson's writing style, even the most depraved acts come across as being almost poetic. For a short read, the characters are pretty well developed, as is the atmosphere, and in many ways I think this actually tops the first book in the Dark Priesthood series.
5 of 5 stars
All I can say is wow. I had it read outloud to me the first time I rated it, but to read it myself...again wow. You've got serious talent, Ms. Sai Marie. I'm stunned by your descriptive scenery, the complexities of the characters involved. All of it. I hope Simply Rouge is just as great.

Part 2:

Simply Rouge

Camille de Clervaux's delving into her husband's tastes for BDSM gets even riskier in this second edition to the Scarlet Erotique Series. When a new stranger comes into the scene Cami finds herself set back and wondering if everything she presumed about Andre` DuPointe was all she thought it to be and the chemistry between Camille and this new stranger isn't just obvious between the two of them. No, both Julien and Andre` have noticed the desire between the confident, capable, and suave Jeremiah St. Clair. Will Camille finally get her chance with the man of her fantasies, or will the possessive and dangerous sides of her husband and his chosen Dominant prove to be a deadly scenario?

What Readers Have to Say About Simply Rouge:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Wow! Started Simply Rouge and finished already! I just could not put it down. The ending really stood out to me - the way the book ended and with the scene used at the ending, it feels like a double entendre, and I loved how a certain word played into this (sorry if this doesn't quite make sense, but I do not want to give anything away to those who haven't read it). I really liked getting some more insight into the characters from Simply Crimson and the introduction of new characters - I really wish I could get into Camille's head and know exactly what she is thinking. It seems there is some confusion/inner turmoil on Camille's part as to what exactly she wants and this was expressed enough to make readers feel this. The only bad part (and not really a bad part) but I wanted more of Jeremiah St. Clair! Thank you for another great book, Sai!
5 of 5 stars
Whoa, things really got heated quickly in this one! Camille's already set a hook in me, and Jeremiah sounds like he's the only real man in the bunch. Great premise and the evolution..the way you started the story and how you ended it.
It was flawless, detailed, and amazing, Sai. Amazing.
5 of 5 stars
I love this series! I can only say, Wow. Camille has definitely Blossomed in this installment! I cannot wait for SS!
5 of 5 stars
Before you read Simply Rouge, May I suggest that you read Simply Crimson 1st. Simply Rouge follows on perfectly from where Simply Crimson Leaves Off. Having Said that I enjoyed reading Simply Rouge, I was constantly sucked into the storyline. Ms Johnson delivered a total roll a coaster of emotions, provided many jaw dropping scenes in this BDSM story. This is a 18+ story and is not to be mistaken for anything less. Camille's story would not be complete with out these BDSM moments. I didn't want this book to end I needed more. Camille, a prudish trophy wife is pulled into a lifestyle that Jullien her selfish, womanizing, bisexual husband desires. Wanting to please Jullien she is thrown into situations that both entice her and horrify her. She discovers a need within herself that excites and her, and is dangerously addictive. Does Camille find the life she so desperately desires? You want to read this book it's ok, It'll stay our dirty little secret!
5.0 out of 5 stars
Camille is a prudish trophy wife who makes a life changing discovery about her husband and his business affairs. Camille finds herself thrown into a lifestyle that surprises and excites her but it also horrifies her, she discovers a part of herself that she wasn't aware she desired and a voyage of self discovery. The need to be to be found desirable and so much more. I felt like a fly caught in a web being consumed by Ms Johnson's story. I was totally captivated and drawn into Camille I felt her emotions good and bad her humiliation her passion to be wanted. I would totally recommend these books to any body willing to experience such a jaw dropping story. It however is a 18+ BDSM story and the story couldn't be told any other way (I wouldn't want it any other way ). I did not want it to end. Will You?
4.0 out of 5 stars
Camille is a trophy wife to Julien unbeknownst to her, her husband has a erotic side that she didn't know. She felt unloved and didn’t know why her husband treated the he did. She woke up one evening hearing moans and went towards the sounds. To her surprise she saw her husband, a man and also a woman in a sex act.She was shocked but it made her curious about it. throughout the story it shows her journey with other characters in the book plus a new character that fascinate Camille. You need to read the book to get all the juicy stuff of the book.
5.0 out of 5 stars
This has become one of my favorite series; I can't wait till the next book comes out. I'm over here, all anxious to see what happens. Thank you so much, Sai, for sharing your talent with us. I highly enjoyed that these two books also came together in a twin pack; it made it easier to keep going with the story. Regardless, I absolutely love your books, that I've purchased and read so far.. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

5.0 out of 5 stars
I started on the first page and got completely sucked in! This was an excellent book! It stirred emotions that I didn’t even know could be stirred, by a lifestyle that I do not know a lot about! I love Cami’s Character and the fact that this story causes you to think outside the box, and encourage you to be responsible in any and all decisions that you make with yourself and others! Oh yes, it’s extra hot and steamy too! I finished these books earlier today, and it is still all I can think about! Well, I for one cannot wait until June 6th to continue in this journey of trying to figure out what a person wants for themselves as opposed to what everyone else wants and expects!

Part 3:
Simply Scarlet

In this thrilling finale of the Scarlet Erotique Series Camille de Clervaux, Jeremiah St. Clair, Andre` DuPointe, and Julien von Beirutt's lives begin to unwind, spinning into a messy quad relationship where something has to give. Will Camille finally get her happily ever after, or will the ominous men involved in her life strip her of all dignity, hope, and faith.

4 of 5 stars
Camille's life is changing , but who will win her heart in the end the Winner Is ________. I Guess you'll have to read it to find out , No spoilers here! Lets just say she follows her heart , Suprises are Surprising! But Camille's not the only Life that's about to change. He stands by his woman totally. But somebody gets their just deserts....  Alone just you and this book... Anywhere anytime.  Please don't deny yourself the Complete story to this Captivating Trilogy.
5 of 5 stars
The Scarlet Erotique Series is a prime example of why Sai Marie Johnson is already getting a reputation for being a scorchingly hot erotica writer. There is no question that Sai definitely knows how to write the detail that readers want to see in an erotica story. I have to say that while on the surface people may assume this is Chick Lit, I don't agree. Men could really enjoy this style of writing and this woman has an imagination unlike any I've ever seen. You can definitely deduce that Sai was influenced by greats such as Anne Rice or Laurell K. Hamilton. The reflection of poetic sensuality and how she crafts her stories is breathtaking. She'll suck you into her world, and leave you begging for more in the end. This series really is Fire Hot, and it makes sense that RED was chosen to represent it. Take the warning signs, cause this series really is that hot. Five Stars- across the board


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